Antique Photography
8 Apr 2014

I love vintage and antique photography. Being able to actually look into the past is wonderful, plus some of them are utterly bonkers and fascinating. It's fun trying to guess what and why they were taken. My favorite are old circus photo's, and the victorian staged one. I've seen photo's of bears lying on people, children smoking, skeletons set up in real life poses and goats on slides. 

My favorite is definitely the third photo! They are the most stylish ladies I've ever seen. And I would totally rock the bottom right pair of sunglasses.

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Bettering myself
3 Apr 2014

This week has been a long one. I'm attempting to spring clean at the moment, which is harder than it sounds with a clingy baby. Not to mention the fact that he sleeps for 30 odd minutes in total per day. I love spring cleaning, it gives me the chance to minimize as much as I can. When we first moved out the amount of 'stuff' and clutter I had was unreal. I like things to be as simple and as tidy as possible because it needs to be easy to manage with two children! 

I always see spring as a new start, more so than the start of a new year. I always feel so much different when it starts to warm up. Speaking of new starts, I've been looking for a distance learning course for a number of months. I've looked into criminology, astronomy and some sort of creative course. I've always been fascinated with all of them, but I do miss the art side of school! I used to have hours and hours of art and design a week and miss having the chance to be more creative. I'd love something that ties into setting my own craft business up so a dress making course seemed like the best thing I could do! I've found a wonderful double course on fashion and dress making, that I'm hoping to start in June after our holiday. It would be great to make well constructed dolls with beautiful clothing. Learning a little haute couture is included too! 

The idea of knowing how to making clothing like this is dreamy! I'd quite happily live in a different coloured sequin skirt everyday.
Photo from Alice and Olivia collection - here.

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Chanel Haute Couture
30 Mar 2014

I've always been a little crazy for the detailing in Haute Couture. Especially Chanel. The dreamy embroidery is the most beautiful work I've ever seen. I was eager to find out how the embroidery was done and found a few videos on YouTube for a technique called tambour. It's basically a form of crochet with a tiny tiny crochet hook. I'm so thankful I learned to crochet, it seems to rule the world! I've always been quite inspired by the clothing when I dress my dolls and would love to take it the step further. I'd like to embroider full dresses with beads and sequins. Because who doesn't like sequins? 

I'm going to need to write myself a weekly to-do list of all the creative things I want to do. Or I'll never finish anything! Never mind the space. Sadly our new possible house to be didn't work out, which had a brick shed with electric. It would of been the perfect little craft room. Off to search for a new home...again. Must be third time lucky!

I couldn't find any of the original links but all images were found via Pinterest.
Chanel Haute Couture site here

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Favorites - Sweetnellie
27 Mar 2014

I'm crazy for Sweetnellie's beautiful crochet and knit creations. The amount of work that must go into them is wonderful. I love all the earthy, foresty colour's, they look like they've wondered straight out of a fairytale forest. I've spent ages getting lost in her blog, full of rabbits, elephants, foxes and snoots (What an amazing name!). They really inspire me to get going with my doll making, I'd love to make them fabulous crochet dresses and shoes.

You can buy these lovely creations here. I may have to treat my daughter - ok, myself- soon!
Or read her blog here.

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Lack of motif
22 Mar 2014

I'm quite ashamed at how much of my dress I've crocheted the past month. I've been trying to finish my sunburst blanket and my Mums scull scarf for her Birthday. It's an amazing pattern (here). I might have to make one for myself. I found the pictures below the other day, they're quite old but I absolutely love them. They're on my about page, which I still need to write. I read everywhere it's quite important on a blog so I'm definitely taking my time with it. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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A colourful home.
19 Mar 2014

We've been trying to find a bigger house since I was pregnant with Saul. So we're talking a good year and a half now! I attempted to 'house swap', which suited us best but there just seemed nothing out there! It's quite possible we may have found somewhere more than perfect but nothings certain yet, so I'm keeping my fingers - and toes - crossed. I can't help dreaming up of how we would decorate. It's something we've put off doing in our current house until we found somewhere new. Least to say I'm bursting with idea's. 

My idea of a home is somewhere cheery, full of art and colourful. I'd love to DIY as much as I could, on as much of a budget as possible too. I absolutely love the idea of making a boring old door as pretty as above with little polka dots! In different colours would look super cute. Or different colour spots for each door?

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My motifs.
21 Feb 2014

So I finally got around to taking some photo's of my motifs! It feels like I've made so many more as I practiced with a thicker green yarn before. All bar one need the excess thread weaved in. That is definitely something I need to start doing every time I finish one, otherwise it becomes a great big tangled nightmare pain. 

I'm unsure and honestly worried about steaming the motifs, terrified I'll end up ruining them! Also whether I should wait until the end or weekly? I'll have to do my research. I've learnt pretty much everything from Kathryn White's book 'The Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs'. It's very clear with simple directions, all I'm yet to learn is padding cord length's, which looks fairly intimidating to say the least. 

We quite recently brought a new DSLR and I'm still learning (badly). I need to brush up my skills on crochet photography, I'll have to take a little more time with laying them out nicely and spending more time on it in general. With a 5 month old and a grumpy 2 year old isn't always the easiest of tasks but it can be done, I'm sure.

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